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Clamshell / Blister
Packaging Equipment

the Starview advantage
  • A wide range of standard and custom automation features available to match customer requirements.
  • ANSI Class 4 machine safety for operator protection.
  • Automatic blister feeder, card feeder & finished package unloader provide reduced labor costs.
  • Color touch screen HMI for the ultimate in operator convenience and accessibility. Includes storage for 99 databases and on-screen data tracking.
  • Starview’s exclusive hot/cold sealing press system allows plastic to plastic sealing of PVC, RPVC, PETG, RPETG, GAG PET, GRG PET and similar materials without the use of RF generators.
  • A Starview exclusive remote access via standard Ethernet hardwire or optional Wi-Fi router gives management access to real-time process information from the machine.
  • AC Variable frequency precision cam index rotary table drive for smooth table operation and position repeatability.
  • Uses quick-change cost effective multi-ply hardwood or durable aluminum tooling.
  • Industry leading design, construction, features and customer support.

More than one possibility:

Decrease labor cost

Starview’s Fully Automatic Clamshell Sealing Machine

Increase the output of your clamshell packaging line with Starview's PHS8A-1418. Decrease labor cost by automatically feeding all your packaging materials, sealing and unloading with this market leading clamshell sealing machine. Fast, efficient change-over with all quick-change tooling allows you to switch from one size package to the next in less than 30 minutes. The PHS8A-1418 will also automatically feed and seal standard blister packaging materials.

take a look at PHSA series

features a Patent Pending Hot/Cold process

Starview’s Semi-automatic Rotary Hot/Cold Clamshell & Blister Packaging Machines

Starview’s PHS Series rotary type Clamshell and Blister sealers are designed for medium to higher volume production requirements. These machines may be used for Plastic-to-Plastic Clamshell sealing as well as conventional carded blisters, full face blisters and half-clamshell styles including applications using Tyvek, foils and other heat sealable lidstock.

learn more about PHS series
Semi-Automatic Rotary Plastic-to-Plastic
Semi-Automatic Rotary
Fully Automatic Rotary Plastic-to-Plastic
PHSA series
Fully Automatic Rotary
Fully Automatic Rotary Carousel
BSC II Series
Fully Automatic Carousel
Size type of production: medium to high plastic to plastic high volume high volume
Nominal sealing area: 14” x 18” / 18” x 24“ 14” x 18” / 18” x 24“ 14” x 18” / 18” x 24“
Open loading stations: 1 to 5 2 7
Max. blister depth: 3.0” 3.0” 3.0”
Max. clamshell back height: 1.25” to 2” 1.5” to 2” 2.5”
Clamshell front feeder: N/A Standard Standard
Clamshell Card feeder: N/A Standard Standard
Finished package unloader: Optional Standard Standard
Avg. cycle speed clamshell pkg: 1-12 cpm 1-12 cpm 1-12 cpm
Avg. cycle speed blister pkg: 3-15 cpm 3-15 cpm 3-15 cpm